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Meet Dr. Benjamin Jones

Hello! My name is Benjamin Jones, but I usually go by Ben. I earned my Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Georgia Tech in May of 2019. That coming fall, I took a position as a lecturer in the Psychology Department at the University of Maryland (UMD). I have been working at UMD ever since, teaching classes like Introduction to Psychology, Statistics, and other Industrial Organizational Psychology lab courses. I absolutely love my job and particularly enjoy getting to interact with students on a regular basis.

During my time at UMD, I discovered that, in addition to teaching, I am extremely passionate about helping students reach their academic and professional goals. I have assisted many students’ efforts to get into colleges, graduate schools, medical schools, or obtain their first jobs by working closely with them as they prepare their materials (e.g., personal statements, cover letters, resumes).

I have also been fortunate to be on many graduate student search committees and job search committees, so I have a good understanding of what graduate advisors and employers look for when reviewing an applicant's materials.

Students I work with typically end up accepting positions in their desired school or with a preferred employer. This process of supporting a student’s effort to secure their next academic position or a job opportunity is one of the most exciting parts of mentoring for me. I really hope I have a chance to work with you too. Let me help you get into your desired school or secure the job of your dreams!

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